No, we are NOT getting rid of
the Library staff! That’s one
of the first questions people
ask when they see the new
Self-Check machine on the
circulation desk. A proficient,
knowledgeable, friendly staff
is essential to making a li-
brary work, and we in Larch-
mont are no exception.
That said, Self-Check lets users whiz though whether they’re
checking out just one book or a pile. With its touch screen
and ATM simplicity, we’ve had positive responses from peo-
ple of all ages. (Of course, if you run into trouble, staff can
.see. the problem on their computers and jump in to help!)
Scan your library card, scan the LPL barcode (usually on the
back cover of the book) and press DONE. Take your receipt
and off you go; it’s that simple.
Although the machine can also be configured to permit check
-in of materials, we are not yet ready for that. As for media --
well, we’ll still check that by hand so we can double check
that all the pieces are where they should be; there’s nothing
worse than listening to an audiobook and finding out that the
last CD is missing!
And for those of you readers who are I-phone and iPod touch
users, keep an eye out for a free new app — .Bookmyne,.
which will work exactly like our catalog. Holds can be placed
by entering your library card number. There is a My Account
section, where you can view items checked out to your ac-
count, renew checkouts, check holds and cancel them as
well. Watch the library website's for details.
So, you members of our literate community--you readers who
checked out 195,222 books last year--we're working on ways
to make your reading experience even faster and more
fun. Just say hi to the staff as you whiz by.
Summer 2010
It has been suggested to me that I write a short piece re-
flecting on my first year as president of the Friends of the
Larchmont Library and so I undertook to do just that.
During the past year, I have been increasingly impressed
by the value that the library brings to our community, the
dedication of our Board and members, and the essential
part played by the Friends in facilitating the library’s pro-
grams. For me, the highlights of the year include attend-
ing the various programs hosted by the Friends, the initia-
tion of the museum pass program, the financial response
we have received from our members in these difficult fi-
nancial times, and the excitement being generated by our
new board members (more about them in the next issue).
The Friends hosted 11 programs from the Fall of 2009 to
the Spring of 2010. Initially, as the president, I felt com-
pelled to attend programs that I normally would not have
anticipated enjoying. I found, however, that I enjoyed
each program. Whether it was Nassim Taleb speaking
about current financial topics, Jimmy Roberts talking
about golf or Alec Wilkinson describing interviewing Pete
Seeger, I found common ground with the authors and in-
evitably purchased their books as gifts for someone who
would be interested in the topic. Perhaps our greatest ac-
complishment this year was the roll out of the museum
pass program, spearheaded by Jane Axelrod and Bob Leo-
pold. This program allows anyone with a library card to
visit multiple museums in New York City, Westchester
and Connecticut for free. I’ve already taken my family to
the Museum of Natural History, and plan to visit other
museums this summer. For more information, please visit
our website at
We are encouraged by your commitment to the Friends in
these difficult economic times. Through the fine efforts
of Ellie Berlin and our membership committee, we are
pleased that we have more members now than we had a
year ago. I would also like to welcome our new Board
members – Diane Abrams, Miriam Cohen, Blythe Hamer,
Pat Melrose and Brad Lucas - and thank our departing
members – Michele Steichen, Melissa Gaynor, Melissa
Young, Hayden Smith and Sheri Devereux – for their
years of service.
Looking forward to our next impressive season!