Spring 2012
Since joining the Library as Director this past February, I've
greatly enjoyed meeting our patrons as well as members of
the Larchmont/Mamaroneck community. It's also been a
pleasure getting to know the library; I've been tremendously
impressed with the dedication of the staff, the depth of the
collection, and the variety and number of programs offered.
One of my first goals as the new Director has been to ensure
that our patrons, and the community at large, are aware of all
that our library offers. To that end, in April we launched a
monthly e-newsletter to inform our patrons of the library's
collections, programs and other services, and our first e-
newsletter was enthusiastically received. Within days of
launching the first edition the library staff reported an in-
crease in calls about programs, many of which are funded by
the Friends of the Larchmont Public Library. If you did not
receive the e-newsletter you can sign up to receive future
editions directly from the library’s website or by asking a
staff member to assist you when you next visit the library.
Springtime has seen lots of activity here at the library! The
façade project began in March and is now nearing comple-
tion. On Friday, May 9 our new architectural columns ar-
rived and were installed. The original columns stood for
over 85 years and we anticipate that our new ones, with inte-
rior steel beams, will last even longer. Equally important,
they will not require constant and costly maintenance as they
are made from a durable composite material. Painting and
repair of the building's woodwork and stucco is underway,
and soon work to the exterior of the main library will be
completed. Pictures of every stage of the project can be
found on the library's Facebook page. Thank you all for
your understanding during the occasional closure of the front
While this project, so vital to the upkeep of our beautiful li-
brary, is drawing to a close, we continue to look for ways to
improve our facility and provide service to the community. I
welcome and encourage your input and suggestions. Please
feel free to stop by my office the next time you visit the
Larchmont Public Library.
As another year comes to a close for the Friends of the
Larchmont Public Library, I'd like to comment on just a
few of the many highlights. It has been a very productive
year for the library and the Friends! We've welcomed our
new Library Director, Laura Eckley, who has masterfully
taken charge during a frenetic period for the library and
has achieved a seamless transition. We're enjoying the
new circulation desk installed in recognition of Diane
Courtney's many years of dedicated service. We're wit-
nessing the ongoing renovation of the façade and columns
gracing the front exterior of the library and planning the
restoration of two WPA-era murals adorning the front
reading rooms. We are working together with the Larch-
mont Garden Club on plans for new landscaping around
the library.
No doubt the Friends are best known for the Sunday after-
noon programs we offer the community at large. In over
two dozen programs, we’ve covered politics, history, eco-
nomics, theater, music, and self-help. It’s been quite a va-
riety show for us this year. Thanks, as always, to Jackie
Paré for organizing another great year of programs!
I would also like to single out a few Friends for special
contributions this year. First, a huge thank-you to Brad
Lucas, designer and master of the new Friends web site.
Take a look!
Second, I want to recognize the spirited efforts of Wendy
Raso in creating several new programs for children, in-
cluding the first Larchmont Scarecrow Festival and the
StoryWalk events for the little ones. Behind the scenes,
several other Friends deserve special credit for their tire-
less service: Diane Abrams for taking care of our Friends
book shelf at the Larchmont train station; Teddi Becker
and Pat Melrose for providing refreshments at all of our
events; Teddi and Fred Baron for their work on the
Friends Newsletter; Syl Morrone for writing press releases
publicizing our programs; and Ellie Fredston for helping
with virtually every new project! Finally, we welcome
two new Friends to our board: Amy Ralston Seife and
Jacob Goodwin. Best wishes to all for a great summer!