Fall 2010
by Miriam Curnin, Chair, Library Board of Trustees
Two blue ribbons were cut on the eve-
ning of September 23: one by Mayor
Josh Mandel, at the entrance to the
Village Center, and one by Library
Board members at the Barefoot Ga-
zebo in the new Burchell Children’s
Room. Both venues are in the rear of
the Larchmont Public Library and
have just emerged from months of
design and construction, brilliant as
any butterfly bursting from its cocoon.
The project represents the time and
thought of so many people! We espe-
cially thank the Friends of the Larch-
mont Library for their magnificent
$75,000 gift. That was stunning and
we are forever grateful to this wonder-
ful group. The Library Board was inte-
grally involved in the planning and
execution of the renovation. The sub-
committee charged with oversight
consisted of Carolyn Parlato, Maureen LeBlanc, Joan Macfarlane, Pamela Dubitsky, Jennifer Conley and myself. We met virtu-
ally every Friday morning for over two years, refining design details, visiting other children’s rooms, selecting carpeting, light-
ing, paint colors, furniture and special design features — like the Barefoot Gazebo, modeled on the ones in Manor Park, and the
Puppet Theater, reminiscent of the Larchmont Movie Theater. We gave the project all the care and attention one would give to
one’s own home – and then some! The investment paid off beautifully.
We were so fortunate to work with architect Richard Hein who, from the beginning, understood our goal of creating an environ-
ment that would nurture lifelong readers. And then he took that concept and gave it a beautiful physical form. We were again
fortunate to have the professional experience and know-how of Calgi Construction to guide us through the maze of the bidding
process and provide us with the world’s best Construction Manager, Ken Sans, who oversaw the trades working here. Our gen-
eral contractor, Titan Construction, was always on the job, doing first-class work from start to finish.
Our own John O’Malley, Superintendent of Village Buildings, gave us his expertise, imagination and keen eye in so many ar-
eas. He took on difficult tasks and executed them so well. The beautiful counter around the new sink in the Village Center is a
sample of John’s work! Everyone on the library staff and the Village staff helped immeasurably, enduring disruption and adapt-
ing to circumscribed space, maintaining a cheerful attitude through it all. We thank our fabulous staff, the Larchmont Fire De-
partment, the Police Department and the Department of Public Works. Jim Staudt, Village Attorney, read thousands of words
for us. Denis Brucciani watched our cash flow. In fact, no one ever said no to us!
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